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AdA @ DH 2019

News vom 08.07.2019

The AdA research group will be present at the DH 2019 conference in Utrecht (9-12 July). The panel "Between Data Mining and Human Experience. Digital Approaches in Film, Television and Video Game Analysis" will feature the following talks:

  • "Analyzing Audiovisual Images: Digital Humanities AND/OR Phenomenology?" (Matthias Grotkopp), 
  • "Researching and Annotating Audiovisual Patterns – Methodological Considerations" (Jasper Stratil, Thomas Scherer), 
  • "Standardization and Automation of Audiovisual Annotations" (Henning Agt-Rickauer, Christian Hentschel) 
  • "What’s Your Game? – A Digital Approach to Aesthetic Experience in Video Games" (Jan-Hendrik Bakels)
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